Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend Recap (Just 4 days late...)

I had a really packed weekend. On Friday, I went and got a manicure with A. It's a really nice baby pink color. It puts me in such a spring mood! 
Then Saturday, my mom and I went to a fair in this huge center with different stands. It should have taken only 30 minutes or so to get took 2 HOURS. Luckily, A and her mom, and my mom's friend's were in the car with us. So many fun conversations were passing the time. We finally arrived and it took a few hours to get through most of it. I bought a yellow purse, a big vanilla candle, and a bedspread. (Pictures coming soon!) It was a good morning. But, we had to leave early so we could get ready for the MAROON 5 concert! I wore a grey zip-front skirt with a pink 3/4 length shirt which are both from Forever 21. 

Me and A after the concert.

The concert was a lot of fun!!! We had floor seats and a majority of our friends were in the same row, just a few seats down. The lights went dim and all of the sudden Adam Levine comes out in these skin tight jeans (almost jeggings!). My goodness! The crowd was so happy to see him (me too!) because they were running a little off schedule. After he did a tiny pole dance tease with the microphone stand and a dashing smile saying Sawadee Kap (Hello in Thai)*, everyone was ready for the night to begin :) They sang a lot of their recent songs and some older ones. They also sang covers of a few well-known songs. In the end, I had a really good time. Here is someone's picture from Flickr (my pictures were too blurry):


AND here is a VIDEO of their performance of She Will Be Loved (credits to Michelle- check out three other full length videos on her channel):

You can see his tight pants! If you watch the whole way through, there is a part where he splits the audience up and we sing with him. It must have been amazing to hear it as a whole. One of the best parts though was running to the side of the arena and waiting for them to leave the arena. He shot a video of everyone: and I did too. So, A and I are somewhere in that crowd of people! Sorry for all of the screaming but hey, what do you expect when you are literally 5 feet away from MAROON 5! 

Finally on Sunday, it was my Dad's birthday and we went to this Korean restaurant. It was an interesting put it nicely.

So sorry for such a late post. Busy, busy week! However, Lights In the Sky officially has TEN followers now! Thank you, Elisabeth! 

*He said hello in Thai because I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before. Rest assure, I'm just your average American who has been living abroad for a few years (four in Frankfurt, Germany and soon one in Bangkok) due to my parent's jobs. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Victoria's Secret-Class of '11

Victoria's Secret Pink just came out with t-shirt and underwear designs for the Class of '11. I think they are perfect. My only problem is that I'm still a junior, so hopefully they do it for the Class of '12 as well :)

27 school days left until SUMMER
What is your countdown? 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep Calm Monday

Whew! Today was a bit of a crazy day with lots of homework and things to do. Hope this puts a smile on your face :) 

Coming this week: Weekend Recap (Haul, Maroon 5, Birthday), Trip to Cambodia, and a Prom Special

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Weekend with Maroon 5

Tomorrow is the Maroon 5 concert and like I said before, I'm not their hugest fan. However, to avoid looking like a fool in an arena full of people who do enjoy their music, I have been having little jam sessions of them. Here are my top (and possibly new favorite) songs: 
  • Misery (Hands All Over)- Catchy and a must for the concert.
  • Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Hands All Over)- Okay, I have to admit. I looove this song!
  • How (Hands All Over)- Oh goodness, another one I love! 
  • No Curtain Call (Hands All Over)- A bit of an angry song, but it's good.
  • This Love (Songs About Jane)- A must know as well.
  • She Will Be Loved (Songs About Jane)- Such a sweet song.
  • Sunday Morning (Songs About Jane)- Calm, good beat, and perfect for an actual Sunday morning.
My mind has changed. I'm sorry for judging them too quickly. I still have a slight problem with Adam Levine's (lead singer) voice. I find it kind of annoying...but the songs make up for it. They are all really catchy and have a fun beat. I'm looking forward to the concert now :) 
What are your favorite songs from Maroon 5?

BTW Happy Easter!  

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thanks to Friendly People

I must have a lot of time on my hands to have two posts in one day or I'm pretty good at procrastinating. ;) I just wanted to talk about a few people who brightened these past few days. 
  • Fellow classmate in the library- Thank you for helping me figure out the new printing system when the librarians were clearly ignoring me. It's nice to know there are still gentlemen out there. 
  • Little girl in the grocery store- Although the hair clip was not mine, thank you for being so kind to point it out. I'm sure whoever lost it would have appreciated you too. 
  • Girl at bike racks- Thank you for making sure I had my shoes off for a reason. I didn't want my Sperrys to ruin in the rain. Also, when the random other kid said some mean things, I'm glad you held your help up high. You will go far in life :)
  • One of my friends at school, J- It was nice to have a deep conversation with you. I learned a lot more about you and even myself. Can't wait for many more!
  • Mom- Thanks for making me go to school everyday. I may not see it, but you always assure me it's for the best. I love you!
  • Fellow followers- Thank you!!! You have no clue how many times I have smiled just knowing that the number changed from 5 to 6 to now 7. Keep commenting. You guys really make my day!
Try to do an act of kindness each and every day. It could be a compliment on your friend's new earrings, paying for some stranger's tab, or just being helpful. It really goes a long way :)

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is one inspiring gal. She has been in productions such as Ragtime and Les Misérables for Broadway and is now a successful actress/singer on the FOX television series Glee. If that isn't enough, she is also incredibly gorgeous. 

As Rachel Berry on Glee
November Issue UK Marie Claire
Teen Choice Awards 2010

She recently became the spokesperson for Nike Training Club application (app). Here is her video:

Always follow your dreams and never give up!  
Does anyone have this app already? Or wish they had an iTouch or iPhone now? I sure do!

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Welcome, Taylor!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh...Those Days

♫ Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby Mcferrin

Everyone has bad days and today happened to be mine. It was just one of those days where you would rather stay home in your PJs and cozy up with a nice book than go to six hours of school. Oh wait, that's everyday! Well, let's just say, today was worse than normal. That is until my last class which is called Lifetime Physical Activity. We are learning Capoeira which is basically a Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, sports, and music. 

Obviously, we are still learning the basic moves, but whew! It breaks out a sweat! It put me in a better mood as well. I did my Self Drop 10 Challenge workout today and I ate pretty good (except for a small brownie- But hey! Chocolate is made for bad days). 

To sum it up, if you are having a bad day, workout and eat right! It will make you feel so much better than sulking or stuffing your face in junk food. Hope everyone is having a good week! 

Go to songs when stressed: 
♫ It's Only Life by Kate Voegele
♫ Good Life by One Republic
♫ Pony by Erin McCarley - (Fun Fact: In the lyrics, she says "the stars are watching" and this was the original name of this blog before it started up.)

Video from Youtube.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tidbit of Tuesday

Here is my very last minute OOTD (Outfit of the Day). I put my hair in a bun with a headband of two braided bands (from Zara). I wore a black t-shirt (from H&M) and a gray 3/4 sleeve length cardigan (from Forever 21) with  cute black bows patterned among it. 

I paired this with some distressed and cuffed denim shorts (from Hollister). Finally, I wore my new Sperry's (from J. Crew kid's shoe line- I have very small feet. Verrryyy small). 

During our last class period of the day, we were let out early to attend an assembly. A special guest came to visit, who was from a team of people from around the world, involved in the Antarctic Treaty System. Basically, she talked about her visit to Antarctica and showed us videos and images of it. It seems like such a surreal place to be. I mean I am already a student who has been to four out of the seven continents and who plans on going to a fifth before I graduate. However, Antarctica is the one place only a few get to go to. It would be such an amazing trip! Anyways, she told us how male penguins "woo" the female penguins and oh my! is it a sweet and funny story. 

In our world, men buy women a ring for engagement into a long married life together. Well, the male penguin brings rocks (many rocks) to the female penguin. If she accepts his offer, they will later build a nest for their future penguin babies! But, if she denies him, she will go about kicking the rocks away from her. How sad! I wish I could find the video she showed, but it was her own footage and is not online at the moment. So, here are some penguin pictures instead. Enjoy!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Recap: Spring Break '11 Over

Spring break is officially over here, meaning I am back from lounging around the house and catching up on many episodes of Gossip Girl. Also, this means many projects, essays, presentations, and tests are coming up before final exams. Very stressful! Luckily I have some things to look forward to:
  • These three days are "spirit" days for my school's sports events therefore we have "out-of-uniform" dress days. While I am excited about this, it takes me forever to put an outfit together! This is mainly because I only have to do this twice a week (during the weekend) so I'm not used to it. I feel so bad because I love clothes and am always full of ideas of what to wear. During these days, it's the complete opposite. Also, spring weather here is HOT and HUMID! It reached 100 degrees (F) today! I almost went to school in uniform but seized the opportunity and put together a pair of black capris, a fuchsia tank top, and a white cardigan lined with black lace. Now, what to wear tomorrow?!
  • My friend A (*shortened) and I are going to a Maroon 5 concert on Saturday night. I must admit I am not a huge fan of them however she insisted I go with her. So, I have been listening to their new album, Hands All Over, and an older one, Songs about Jane, non-stop. We will eat dinner somewhere before hand and have a sleepover afterwards. At least that's what I am planning :) Any ideas of what to wear?! Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  • This Sunday is my Dad's (aka Padre', I am not from Spanish descent, however I love calling him this!) Birthday. It will most likely be a little low-key day however it should be fun. 
  • PROM! I have my dress planned already and have a nail appointment. I still need some shoes and hair/ make-up ideas. Some blogs posts coming soon on this! Let me know if you have any ideas or what you did for your prom (both beauty-wise and any experiences you want to share). 
Okay, quite a wordy little post! So here are some pictures to brighten your Monday :)

Yummy :)
How adorable!
Try drawing a smiley face and posting it in your room!
Sign me up!
Try posting encouraging words and sayings in your room too!
Have a marvelous Monday! xoxo

P.S. I would like to start something new that I saw on Ciara's blog (from Whenever she get's new followers, she posts them at the end of her blog post to show how special they are to her. I want to do the same, you know, just give a little thanks for following me and being a part of this vast blog world! 

So THANK YOU to my 5 amazing followers:


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Beats

Here are a couple of songs that have been on repeat lately. They are all upbeat and fun to sing along and dance around to!

  • We Are Golden by MIKA 
  • Teenage Dream by Katy Perry 
    • (Glee did an awesome cover too)
  • F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C- FM Static 
    • (This is off of their new album, My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! It also played on Hellcats)
  • Magic by B.O.B. Featuring Rivers Cuomo
  • Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine 
    • (Heard this during the Eat, Pray, Love trailer which was a good movie and Glee did a cover as well) 
P.S. It's Spring Break and therefore I will be away for a couple of days! My family and I are taking a trip :) See you when I get back. xoxo

Image found on We Heart It.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Apple Pie Smoothie

I just signed up for the SELF Drop 10 Challenge, where you have 5 weeks to lose about 10 pounds. Personally, this isn't a goal I am shooting for. I would rather have an overall healthy feeling and in the long run, receive its benefits. So, that is what I am doing. I plan on working out around a minimum of 4 times a week and trying to eat well balanced meals (especially some veggies!). Anyways, this challenge came with a variety of meals for all times of day and this is what I enjoyed for breakfast. 

Blend 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt with 1 medium red apple (sliced), 1/2 cup skim milk, 1 tbsp granola, 1tbsp almond butter, 2 tsp maple syrup, 1/4 tsp cinnamon until smooth. 
345 calories, 12 g fat (1 g saturated), 46 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 18 g protein

It is sweet and a perfect drink to keep you going throughout the day. I substituted the granola for 1/2 of a crushed Nature Valley Cinnamon bar and almond butter for peanut butter. I left out the maple syrup. Tip- Leave it in the freezer for about an hour before drinking it. It's more refreshing this way. :)

I plan to post some more workout routines and meals every so often on here. So be sure to look out for them! Let me know what you do to stay fit or if you have any healthy (yet yummy) recipes worth trying.

Image via

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recap: A Splendid Saturday

My Mom and I spent Saturday out and about. We had an appointment to get our nails done at a place near our house. I decided I wanted a princess pink sort of color for my fingernails and a neutral chic color for my toenails. 

My Mom ended up picking the same color for her fingernails, however she doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. Since my skin is fairly light, baby pink colors aren't always as noticeable. This one shows up quite nice though. 

This is a chocolatey tan color which was perfect for what I was looking for. I feel like a little bakery shop. Wouldn't these colors look great for one? 

After lunch, we made a trip to the mall to get some errands done. We couldn't leave without a sweet treat from Cold Stone Creamery. I picked 'Cookie Doughn't You Want Some' and my Mom picked  'Founder's Favorite.' Later that night, my Dad joined us for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I had a yummy chicken tostada. 

P.S. I put my hair in a bun! Normally my hair is thick and it just won't work or my odd layers create big fly-aways. However, I put it a little to the side and it stayed the whole day. I was quite proud!

Now, if only I could master the braided top knot...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tied with a Bow

I was just watching the newest episode of America's Next Top Model, when I noticed the cutest little detail. Hannah, one of the contestants, was wearing a navy dress with three-quarter length sleeves and had a baby pink bow tied around her waist. Here she is (third from the right):

I have had a huge obsession with bows lately and so this inspired me to browse some of my favorite stores for similar options.

While none of these are, in comparison, as good as Hannah's dress, my personal favorite is the last one from Lulu*s. I love the laced U-neck and the cinched waist with a just a minor bow. It's super sweet and girly!

P.S. If you click the pictures of the dresses, it will immediately transfer you to the dress on the store's (either Forever 21 or Lulu*s) website.


Welcome to my newest creation, Lights in the Sky. I have been planning on making a blog for quite some time now. It took a little bit of courage to open myself up to the whole world. However, I have made it and am finally ready for the journey to begin. I can't wait to see where this takes me. Enjoy! 

Just a little picture I took last spring in my Grandma's back garden.